Alan L. Frankel, LCSW

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Marital Crisis Consultation

Marital Crisis Consultation

When couples reach a crisis point in their marriage and consider separating, they often may make hasty, impulsive decisions amidst a lot of highly charged emotions that can include shock, feelings of hurt, anger, sadness and anxiety. This can at times lead to very costly mistakes both emotionally and financially, and in some situations can even become quite destructive to the entire family. Marital crisis consultation enables the couple to slow down and work through their decision more cautiously with a neutral marriage and divorce professional to help guide them. He helps them to strive to “walk, not run” in making this most important decision in their lives, emphasizing the importance of timing in making major changes in a family structure. This is a brief consultation usually consisting of 1-3 sessions.

Al Frankel is an expert in helping couples carefully explore the decision as to whether or not to separate, and most often encourages marriage counseling if the couple has not already done so. Often one party may want to end the marriage while the other doesn't, or is perhaps unsure. For couples in which one or both parties conclude that their marriage must end however, Al Frankel helps guide them through the process of choosing the most constructive method of separation. In that event, the method he recommends most often is divorce mediation.

In addition to being a psychotherapist and marriage counselor, Al Frankel is also a divorce mediator. When mediating he co-mediates with attorney-mediator Jill Sanders-DeMott. For further information about Al’s work as a divorce mediator kindly visit: For more information about Jill’s work as a divorce mediator please visit


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