Alan L. Frankel, LCSW

Sessions are available on Zoom.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy

Al Frankel, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker/psychotherapist with over thirty-five years of experience. As a seasoned psychotherapist, he knows the importance of creating a therapeutic environment in which the therapist and patient form a good alliance to help the patient overcome obstacles and gain insight and understanding about themselves and their relationships. Exploration of issues with one’s family of origin, current family, significant others, friends, co-workers and other social settings are key to better understand of self. Influence of dynamic issues from both past and present are essential in gaining better understanding and insight and can play a major role in improving self-esteem and one’s sense of well-being.

Al Frankel uses his unique style of combining his warmth, empathy and sense of humor along with his many years of experience and clinical skills to help people to fully engage in their therapy and maximize their personal growth.


Individual Adult Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Couple Therapy

Marital Crisis Consultation