Alan L. Frankel, LCSW

Sessions are available either in-person or on Zoom.

Marriage Counseling/Couple

Al Frankel has been a marriage counselor/couple therapist for over thirty-five years. He has helped hundreds of couples to improve their relationships and has saved many marriages. Al is a Certified EFT Couple Therapist, he uses a highly effective method of couple therapy called EFT (emotionally focused couple therapy). This is a short-term, systematic and empirically tested method of couple therapy that helps to reduce distress and create stronger, more secure attachment bonds in adult love relationships. Developed in the 1980's by Dr. Sue Johnson, this highly effective approach to couple therapy focuses on emotion rather than the content of the specific problem a couple is facing as the essential transforming element in couple therapy. Helping couples to de-escalate and also learn to identify and recognize unhealthy cycles/patterns in their relationship is a key part of the work. In the EFT approach, couples learn how to re-direct their focus on uniting against the problematic cycles in their relationship rather than blaming each other.

When working with couples, Al is always neutral, balanced, fair, even-handed and respectful of both parties. He assists couples to gain insight into their communication patterns and styles of inter-relating, and helps them to improve their communication skills. He never takes sides with one spouse over the other, as the focus of this therapy is to assist the couple in improving the relationship which involves both partners. The relationship is "the patient" and neither individual is blamed for all problems in the marriage. Al also helps couples to better understand the influence of their respective families of origin on the relationship which can also be an important dynamic in any marriage.


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