Children and Adolescent Therapy

Al Frankel does play therapy with children as young as five and up to the age of twelve. He has extensive experience working with both latency-age children and adolescents with excellent results. When working with children and teens he uses his unique informal style of combining humor, playfulness and empathy that works very well to engage even the most resistant to treatment. He has decades of experience working with children and teenagers from a variety of ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. As he is also a musician, Al Frankel often finds that he is able to connect with teenagers who may be hard to engage by discussing music and other topics of interest to them. Forming a solid therapeutic alliance is key to forming a good therapeutic relationship which lays the foundation for a successful treatment.

Al Frankel also has a specialty in helping children and families who are undergoing a separation and divorce, but also works with children and teens with a wide array of other issues and difficulties in their lives.


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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

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